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The website www.clientiq.gr belongs to the company under the trade name “ClientIQ-Client Management Agency PC”, hereinafter called “ClientIQ”. Guests/users of our website’s content and services must read carefully the Terms of Use listed below before they may access, browse, or use this website or its services.  Should guests/users disagree with the present Terms of Use, they must not avail themselves of this website and/or its services.  By accessing, browsing, or using said website, guests/users agree that they have read, understood, and consent to said Terms of Use.  The following terms of use are effective for the total sum of this website’s content and the overall information posted on its pages. ClientIQ reserves the right to revise these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice.  Therefore, guests/users are obliged to check Terms of Use for potential changes or amendments at each and every instance they access the ClientIQ ’s website.  Should they continue accessing the site it is assumed that they agree with said changes or amendments.  Should they disagree, guests/users must refrain from accessing/using the ClientIQ’s website. 

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The contents of our website, including indicatively but not restrictively texts, papers, graphics, photographic material, diagrams, depictions, and/or any category of files in general, are subject to copyright and are bound by the international regulations and the Greek law governing Intellectual Rights, with the exception of rights that are explicitly acknowledged as belonging to third parties. Consequently, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, re-publish, copy, store, sale, transmit, distribute, issue, implement, download, translate, and/or amend in any way, in part or in sum, the contents of ClientIQ’s website without the express and prior written agreement issued by the latter.

All data included in the website is protected by the Greek Law against infringement on laws governing copyrights, trademarks, unfair competition, or infringement on any other law.  It is thus forbidden to copy or duplicate in any way, in sum or in part, said data. It is forbidden to copy or transmit any logo, trademark, sound, and/or image posted on the ClientIQwebsite unless ClientIQwho possesses the rights gives its consent for such copying or transmission to take place.  All other material posted on our website and regarding registered trademarks or copyright products of third parties falls under the sphere of responsibility of said third parties and in no way whatsoever concern the website of ClientIQ.

The trademark of ClientIQ mentioned herewith, whether in bold font or any other font used in the website, or in the form of the actual trademark, are the sole property of ClientIQ and therefore using it is expressly forbidden, and it may constitute a violation of the relevant laws, unless ClientIQ has provided the relative permission. 

With the registration of guests/users in the members area of our website, they are granted permission by ClientIQ to use and download the papers and announcements stored in the specific page with the following conditions: (1) ClientIQ’s copyright will be clearly displayed on all copies of said documents; (2) the contents of the website are posted purely for informative purposes and in no way must they be used for commercial, or personal purposes and it is forbidden to copy them, post them on another site or elsewhere, or cede them to the mass media or anywhere else for transmission; (3) in no way must said contents be amended and; (4) the guests/users acknowledge that permission granted is solely for the content of the members area of our website.  It is expressly forbidden to use said contents for any other purpose as such use may lead to civil or criminal prosecution.  Copyright infringement is considered a crime and is prosecuted as such.

The abovementioned permission by ClientIQ does not include use of the design or format of the www.clientiq.gr; nor does it include use of any other website which belongs to, is authorized, controlled or managed by our company.

Obligations of Guests/Users

Guests/Users of our website have the obligation, on the one hand, to comply with the rules and regulations of the Greek, European, and International Law as well as with the legislation governing telecommunications; on the other hand, they must refrain from engaging in any illegal or abusive use of the contents and services of our website.  Furthermore, guests/users also have the obligation to behave decently, courteously, and discreetly during their visit to or use of our website.  At the same time, it guests/users must comply with NETIQUETTE (Internet Users Code of Behavior). Any damage brought about to our website overall as a direct or indirect result of malicious or unfair use by the guests/users of the website’s relevant services falls under the sphere of said guests/users own cognizance and responsibility. 


All possible effort has been exerted to maintain the website’s information in a constant state of update.  The information and relevant graphs posted on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.  From time to time, information contained herein may be subject to change. Under no circumstances is ClientIQ and/or its suppliers responsible for any specific, direct or indirect damage, or any other kind of damage that may result from the use of said information posted on this website.

Disclaimer of Provision of Advice

In no way do information and other material provided to guests/users of our website constitute, directly or indirectly, encouragement, advice, or invitation to engage in any form of action.  It is left to the discretion of guests/users to evaluate the information provided and act on their own free will, with any responsibility whatsoever on our part having been waived.

Linking to other sites

We cannot be held responsible for the content and services of any third party and/or other websites, which have posted on our website “links”, “hyperlinks”, and/or commercial banners, nor does our website guarantee the availability of the said sites.  Problems that may occur during accessing/using the sites linked to our website fall solely under the sphere of responsibility of the said sites and it is to those sites that guests/users should address to.  The links we provide to other sites are there to facilitate our guests/users and in no way do they constitute any form of commitment to anyone. 


It is expressly acknowledged by the present Terms of Use that in case a complaint, lawsuit, and administrative or legal claim is filed and/or made against our company as a result of a violation of any kind committed by guests/users on our website and/or during their browsing sessions on the latter, guests/users then undertake the responsibility, on the one hand, to intervene in the legal procedure lodged against our company and, on the other hand, to compensate us for any damages or expenditure that may occur as a result of their actions.

Applicable laws and other conditions

The present Terms of Use is governed by the provisions of Greek Law and the relevant European and International regulations and may be interpreted on the basis of rules governing bona fide behavior, business ethics, and the economic and well as social purpose behind a copyright entitlement. 

Should a stipulation be judged as contrary to the Greek Law and as such can therefore be annulled or is subject to annulment, it automatically ceases to be in effect without, however, damaging the effectiveness of the remaining terms, conditions, and stipulations. 

No amendment to the Terms of Use will be taken into consideration nor will it become part of the above terms, if it has not been formulated in writing and/or has not been incorporated into them.  

The court authorities responsible for differences arising from the present Terms of Use are the Courts of Athens.  

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