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Who we are

ClientIQ is coming to combine the enthusiasm of a startup company and the wisdom of its executives in portfolio management. Our executives hold altogether an accumulated 30 years of experience in customer loyalty, data analytics and client management. 

Everybody in ClientIQ invests heavily in understanding what makes customers loyal and can execute your brand loyalty strategy with the technology, insights, and creative mastery that drives material results for your business.


All of us in ClientIQ have the experience and knowhow that allows us to lead the way, being always one step ahead of our client’s needs. Our vision is to become the recognized leader in Greece and the Balkans in customer engagement and client management.


In ClientIQ, we work with passion, respect, accountability and adaptability. Above all we love what we do, and that’s why we are committed to ourselves and to you to deliver unparalleled results. 

By promoting partnership, we are working close with you in order to serve your needs and maximize the results of our co-operation. We demonstrate inclusiveness by maintaining the highest standards of open dialogue in all elements of our business, aiming to provide customized solutions and ideas that that will help you maximize the potential of your customer base. 

Our mission is to offer our clients unique end-to-end services on the design and execution of portfolio management solutions that will help them leverage the power of their customers and maximize their potential. Whether you want to design a value adding rewards programs, or want to maximize the potential of your customer data, in ClientIQ we will help you drive the relationship with your clients at a deeper level.


Alexandra Christopoulou
Partner, Chief Executive

Alexandra Christopoulou is a well-rounded professional with extensive experience in client management, coupled with strong analytical thinking and strong business acumen. Alexandra started her career in 2001 at Citibank Int. plc Greece, as Senior Treasury Associate, and 2 years later she took over the role of Senior Financial Analyst for cards products, being responsible for cards financial reporting and analysis. In 2007, she has been appointed as the Cards Portfolio Head with her main responsibilities being to maximize the potential of the bank's cards clientele, by implementing a consistent portfolio lifecycle strategy by segment. During her 5 year appointment as the Cards Portfolio Head, the portfolio team managed to deliver significant improvements in the quality of the clientele with some highlights being the improvement of customers' early engagement by 45%, the decrease of the core inactivity rate by 13%, the introduction of an enhanced customer retention strategy, which resulted a 20% improvement in customer retention, the expansion of cards usage in new merchant categories that generated $50MM incremental annual retail sales, and the introduction of a combined view of customer profitability based on on-us and off-us performance, achieving better targeting in portfolio campaigns while maximizing results and cost efficiencies. In 2011 Alexandra was promoted to Senior Vice President and a member of Citibank's Greece Executive Committee, by taking over the role of the Cards Director for Citibank & Diners Club in Greece. During her appointment, she improved Cards financials by $250M, she increased customer satisfaction by 200bps, she re-designed the cards sales team increasing productivity by 20% and improving profitability of acquisitions by 35%, and managed to built a strong team, increasing employee satisfaction by 20%. She was a member of the Global Citi Women Leadership Team. Alexandra holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens and got her MBA from ALBA with distinction.

Argyro Kotsikou
Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

Argyro Kotsikou is a results oriented professional with extensive experience in the marketing and sales sector with specialization in the areas of New Product Development, Customer Engagement through active portfolio management as well as Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs. Argyro started her carrier at Citibank Int. plc Greece in 2000 as Junior Product Manager of Citibank Cards. In 2004 she took over the role of the Acquisitions Sales Channel Manager, being responsible for managing the Telemarketing channel, which at the moment was Citibank's primary acquisitions channel. In 2007, she was among the leading members that founded the Cards Portfolio Management Unit in Greece, the first CRM unit in the Greek market. During her 4 years appointment as Citibank Cards Portfolio Manager, Argyro initiated a base segmentation of the cards portfolio identifying risks and opportunities, she designed and implemented the customer activation & retention strategy of the cards business unit, she rolled out the cards cross-selling strategy, she introduced a unique in the Greek market cards line management strategy, wining the EMEA quality award and was also managing Diners Club reward program, the first loyalty program that was introduced in the Greek market. In 2011, Argyro was promoted to Group Product Manager of Citibank's major co-brands, having the full P&L responsibility for Visa and Diners Vodafone, Affinity Card MasterCard in collaboration with Inditex group and MetLife Alico Citibank Visa, being at the same time responsible for the licensing and product development of the first Citibank prepaid card in Europe. Argyro holds a bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Piraeus and an MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business.

Ioannis Kostoulas
Partner, Chief Strategy & Analytics Officer

Ioannis Kostoulas is a solid professional, with strong analytical thinking and extensive experience in the banking sector. Ioannis started his career at Citibank Int. plc Greece in 2000 in the Consumer Credit Policy department, being responsible for a wide range of credit analytics with the use of customer profiling and time-series analytics. In his role as the Lead Credit Analyst, he refined the use of application and behavior scoring and validated existing scorecards. In 2005 and post his MBA studies, Ioannis joined the Credit Cards Unit and was among the leading members that founded the Cards Portfolio Management Unit in Greece, the first CRM unit in the Greek market. In this role, he was the Lead analyst for a €1Bn cards portfolio focusing on card activation & usage, customer retention and product revenue generation. He initiated customer-centric analytics, integrating profile characteristics and transactional behaviors and helped identify opportunities for further product penetration, while he participated in the redesign and implementation of the Cards Pro-active and Re-active Retention Strategy. For the last 7 years, Ioannis was working in the Bank's Decision Management Unit as the Unit Head for Cards and Citiphone, with his main responsibilities being to provide structured and timely information to the business, enhance independent figure-driven decision-making using advance analytics and modelling techniques. During his extensive experience in Decision Management, he designed, rolled-out and managed the Bank's Propensity Models offering the "Next Best Product" to the customer, as part of Sales Strategy optimization. He assumed full ownership of the MIS provided to the Cards business and Citiphone through Portfolio segmentations, effective Data warehouse (DWH) data marts, CRM insights, external information and Geo-coding techniques (GIS), while he actively contributed to the design of the entire campaign palette for sales & acquisitions, relationship deepening, informative & regulatory communication and surveys, through both outbound and inbound channels. He was also leading the roll out of the "Cards Predictive Model", the design of the Cards Acquisitions pro-forma P&L, the "Citiphone Revenue Optimization Initiative" and the "Data Optimization Project" of the bank. Ioannis holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Patras and got his MBA from INSEAD Business School in Singapore and France.