Data Cleansing
& Portfolio Unification

Nowadays many consumers chose to interact with the businesses through an omnichannel environment, combining both physical & digital channels. The purpose of our solution is to help companies consolidate customer data, collected through different touch points and build a Single Customer View of their portfolio, enabling them to have a complete overview of the customers’ interactions with the company

Execution Flexibility

We can run the project at the company premises, using the existing technical infrastructure. That way we ensure the maximum security and protection of the customer personal data.


Our solution can be fully adjusted to the needs and data structure of any company. In parallel, we can consolidate data coming from all different data sources a company may have, including core billing systems, CRM/ Loyalty Systems, online shops, site navigation data, even customer data acquired through physical documents

Excellent Results

The specific solution has already been implemented in some of the larger companies of the Greek market, with portfolios of over 4 million records. Through the data cleansing & standardization services we offer, we  have achieved a data accuracy of more than 99.5% , while the data unification mechanism we have developed, has enabled us to isolate double customer records up to 25%, helping our partners to drastically reduce their communication costs, re-evaluate their product & services market penetration and also map their customers’ total relationship & interactions with them, building a Single Customer View of their portfolio