Loyalty Program Design

Our program design team brings deep expertise in loyalty and customer engagement strategies that get results.

Whether you wish to build the business case for a new loyalty program, or enhance an existing one, we can help.

We offer fresh perspectives and insights and can tailor loyalty programs to your business specific needs, helping you to maximize the return of the loyalty program investment.

Business Case Development

Are you planning to launch a loyalty program and you wish to know in advance the associated cost and the benefit of your investment? In ClientIQ we will help you build a business case in order to design a cost effective loyalty program that best fits your clients’ profile and meets your brand needs.

Loyalty Program Assessment

Wish to evaluate the attractiveness of your loyalty program? Are you looking for ways to find a more effective balance of cost vs. perceived benefit? We are here to help. With advanced analytics methodologies that drive profound customer knowledge, our strategy team can provide you with powerful assessment outcomes, aiming to optimize the effectiveness of your loyalty program.

Loyalty Program Specs Design

Whether you are building an in-house solution or considering outsourcing the service to a loyalty platform provider, designing the appropriate specifications is vital and of great importance. Capturing the correct customer data on every step of the consumer life cycle, will provide you with a powerful tool, so as to understand customer needs as they happen and eventually adjust your brand and marketing strategies, maximizing the return of your investment. Our loyalty expertise will also help you integrate new technologies and innovative solutions that will position your brand in a different non-traditional way vs. competition and will maximize the perceived value of your investment to your customers.

Customer Onboarding Process Design

Loyalty programs have zero value if not embraced by as many of your customers as possible. With our extensive loyalty program management expertise we can provide you guidance on how to design an effective onboarding process, leveraging a multi-channel approach that will maximize your customer enrolments in a cost effective way without cannibalizing your current sales efforts.

RFP Process Coordination

Identifying the right partner for your loyalty program could be a painful process, demanding the allocation of resources that could be otherwise utilized on growing your business. But do not worry; we can do it on your behalf. Our sales and analytics team will help you choose the loyalty platform provider that best fits your brand’s needs, meets your budget constraints and is the most compatible with your existing technology infrastructure.

Technical Implementation Consulting Support

In ClientIQ we invest a lot in serving our clients through their entire journey in customer engagement. Working together during the loyalty program’s implementation process will guarantee you a flawless, timely and cost effective execution.