Performance Tracking
& Management 

Investing in developing the proper MIS and KPIs is vital for all businesses in order for them to track customer performance and identify opportunities. In ClientIQ we develop a complete Performance Tracking and Management mechanism that will help your business move into the next level

Acquisitions KPI Tracking

Acquisitions KPI tracking aims to optimize offer and channel mix. Our analytics team can design for you customized solutions helping you monitor performance of newly acquired customers, their level of early engagement, and their product depth as well as create the appropriate tools that will help you understand the payback period of your acquisitions both by channel and product

Complaint KPI Tracking

Could a customer’s complaint be considered a gift? The answer is yes, but only if your business can track and analyze it properly. By establishing the appropriate tracking mechanism, we can help you identify the top complaint reasons of your business and understand their root cause, helping you to increase one stop resolution and work to eventually eliminate the source of the problem

Marketing Data MIS

Imagine the possibilities if you could really understand and know your customers, just like you know your friends. In ClientIQ we will help you retrieve the appropriate Marketing Data to understand your customers' lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors, so you can connect with them on a deeper level. We can design for you a set of tools that will help you better understand the demographics of your portfolio, your customers’ product and engagement depth, their spending patterns and their spending diversity as well as signs of customer disengagement

Marketing Offer Optimization & Loyalty Program Analytics

Marketing Offer Optimization & Loyalty program analytics bring an integrated view of the interdependencies between program design, commercial strategies and member behaviors that impact short and long-term program profitability. We use proprietary tools and advanced predictive modeling techniques to analyze future program liability trends and reward costs to help you maximize the overall return on investment of your program.