Targeted Marketing Strategies 

In ClientIQ we have the expertise to develop the right marketing strategy to engage, retain and motivate your audience.


ClientIQ delivers a full suite of marketing communications programs, combining customer behavior with transactional and household demographic data.


Our programs have the ability to target consumers based on where they actually spend, to deliver relevant, customer centric marketing, across all sectors and throughout the entire consumer lifecycle.


Using the “Test vs. control group concept” in ClientIQ we develop marketing campaigns that will help you design optimal offer for each segment, retaining and growing the amounts spent by your customers, while at the same time optimizing your marketing budget.

Welcome and Early Engagement Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing team can help you design the customer welcoming materials, as well as the welcoming marketing approach that will maximize the effectiveness of your acquisitions. By implementing customized marketing strategies on inactive or low active customers at the introduction phase, we can help you maximize the value of your customers even from the early stages in their relationship with your brand.

Cross-sell Marketing Campaigns

Are you launching a new product or service and want to find ways to maximize cross selling on your existing portfolio? Our marketing and analytics teams are here to help. Using advanced modeling techniques we can identify the segments in your customer base that would be mostly attracted by your new offering, and coupled with the fresh communication style that our marketing team will propose, we can help you maximize cross selling penetration in a cost effective way.

Deepening and Engagement Marketing Campaigns

Imagine the impact that would bring to your business if you could find ways to increase the spending depth of your customers in one hand, and your share of voice in your customers’ spend on the other. In ClientIQ we combine customer behavior with transactional and household demographic data to help you deepen your relationship with your customers. We propose simple but innovative marketing ideas that will help you to connect with your customers at a deeper level.

Win Back Strategies for Disengaged Customers

Looking closely at your portfolio, you will identify customers at the decline phase, being either inactive or demonstrating, through diminishing spend, clear signs of disengagement. Investing to win back a disengaged customer is more cost effective than acquiring a new one. With our enhanced analytic methodologies we can identify detached customers, recognizing also the severity of their detachment and propose targeted marketing solutions to help you win back their trust.

Anti-Attrition Marketing Strategies

If your client wants to return a product or cancel a service you provide, asking you to terminate the relationship with your brand, we can help you design a customized anti-attrition marketing strategy. By looking at the overall profitability of your consumer, we help you invest in retaining “regretted” customers and minimize your retention efforts on the “non-regretted” ones.

Event-based Marketing

We can identify distinct customer actions that will automatically trigger cross-sell or up-sell offers.

Our creative approach is fresh, intelligent and it works. We engage customers and connect them to brands at an emotional level, since we understand their needs as if they were our friends.


ClientIQ’s unique approach combines econometric analysis with scientific experimentation and allows marketers to better communicate with their customers, while substantially increasing the efficiency of their marketing spent.